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A guide to having a happy marriage from day one

Aleteia – 06/13/2021

Some pearls of wisdom for wedded bliss.

Getting married is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make in your life, and hopefully one of the best. Of course, it’s not the easiest of vocations, but it can bring immeasurable joy. To help those who are about to start off in married life, here’s a guide to make your marriage a joyful union.

Start off stress-free

Wedding jitters are totally normal, but here are some ways to help relieve some of those nerves as you prepare to say “I do” so that you can approach your big day with great serenity.

12 Ways to alleviate wedding day stress

Focus your wedding on faith

The parents of St. Thérèse de Lisieux not only produced some very saintly children, but their faith was at the heart of their relationship and family life. Although Zélie tragically died from cancer at 45, her husband raised their children in a way that honored both their mother and God. In this slideshow you’ll discover some very unique ways the Martins started out their married life with some unusual wedding customs.

5 Unique customs from Sts. Zélie and Louis Martin’s wedding ceremony

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