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Saints to help if Father’s Day is hard

Aleteia – 06/12/2021

No matter your particular struggle, there are saints to walk with you. You are not alone.

Father’s Day can be a beautiful holiday, a day to celebrate your father or to be celebrated as a father. For many, though, this is a painful day, as they remember their late fathers, grieve their broken relationships with their fathers or their children, mourn their lost children, or lament the children they’ve been unable to have. If Father’s Day is hard for you, it may help to find some saints who can walk with you in your particular struggle. You are not alone. (…)

If you’re parenting alone

St. Louis Martin (1823-1894) had nine children with his wife St. Zélie, though only five survived to adulthood. When their oldest daughter was 17 and their youngest (St. Thérèse) just 4, Zélie died, leaving Louis to raise the girls without her. He moved the family to Lisieux to be near Zélie’s brother and sister-in-law and continued to care for the girls for the next decade until dementia caused the exchange of their roles, leaving his daughters with the responsibility of caring for him.

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