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The family of Louis and Zelie – Letter #16

July 13 – August 13, 2018

One month before her mother’s death, Marie, their eldest daughter, testified:
“And yet how patiently and resignedly she bears this dreadful illness. She never puts down her rosary; she still prays despite her suffering, we all admire her for it, for nothing can match her strength and energy.
A fortnight ago she was still saying the whole rosary on her knees at the foot of the Blessed Virgin Mary in my bedroom that she loves so much. Seeing her so sick I wanted to make her sit down, but it was pointless.”

Dear friends of the “Family of Louis and Zelie,”

We just opened the Jubilee of the 160th anniversary of the marriage of Saints Louis and Zelie this past July 7-8. During this great feast in the Shrine of Alençon, presided by Cardinal Mauro Piacenza, we also prayed for you in a special way.

Let us take advantage of this month of summer, of rest, to take some time to pray and let us not forget the Lord. This is why I am sending you the meditations of the Rosary that we have prayed during the procession with the relics of Saints Louis and Zelie for the opening of their jubilee.

We are waiting for you to come to Alençon so you can receive the grace of the plenary indulgence.

We assure you of our prayers for your intentions. May the Lord bless you through the intercession of Saints Louis and Zelie !

Blessed Summer!
On behalf of the Shrine,

Father Jean-Marie Simar,
Rector of the Shrine of Alençon

The rosary with Saints Louis and Zelie Martin