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The family of Louis and Zelie – Letter #14

May 13, 2018

“You live very close to Our Lady of Victor. Well! Go there just once a day and say a Hail Mary to the Blessed Mother. You’ll see that she’ll protect you in a very special way, and that she’ll help you succeed in this world and give you eternal happiness. What I’m saying to you is not exaggerated piety and unfounded on my part. I have reason to have trust in the Blessed Mother, I’ve received favors from her that only I know.” Saint Zelie to her brother Isidore (CF1)

Dear friends of the “Family of Louis and Zelie,”

In this month of May, we have entered the month dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Saints Louis and Zelie had a great devotion to Her. They had a beautiful statue of the Immaculate in their house, the same which smiled to Therese. They loved to pray the Rosary, entrusting themselves to Our Lady and celebrating her feast days, especially during the month of May. Celine, their daughter, recounts: “We went to church during the month of Mary; however, my mother wanted a month of Mary at home, and it was so beautiful that my sister kindly teased her saying that it was competing with Notre Dame Cathedral! It is true that it was gorgeous, for, besides the lace curtains on a blue background, Mother paid a poor woman to bring back from the countryside a real bundle of flowers, branches of white hawthorn which were never too big. Once arranged in vases, these flowering stems rose to the ceiling, which was the joy of little Therese, who showed it by clapping her hands!” (Sr. Genevieve of the Holy Face, family memory)

Saint Padre Pio, who was also greatly devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary, wrote on May 1, 1912 to his spiritual father: “Oh! The lovely month none other than the month of May! It is the most beautiful month of the year. Yes, my Father, as this month speaks to us of the gentleness and beauty of Mary! When I think of the innumerable benefits that this dear Mother has obtained for me, I am ashamed of myself: I have never put enough love in contemplating her heart and her hand, who gave me these graces with so much kindness. (…) How often have I not confided to this Mother the agonizing anxieties of my troubled heart! And how many times has she comforted me! But what was my gratitude? (…) The month of May is for me the month of graces and this year, I hope for only two. (…) Poor little Mother, how much she loves me! I could still observe it  at the beginning of the month. (…) I had the impression that She had nothing else to think except to fill my heart with affection…”

Let us then take advantage of this month to entrust ourselves to the Blessed Virgin Mary; let us do as the beloved disciple John, as well as Saints Louis and Zelie, and let us bring Mary into our homes. Let us also thank Her for so many graces received…For this we can try to pray daily a decade of the Rosary as a family if possible.

You can also unite to the prayer of the Rosary that we pray every evening, especially for your intentions, at the Shrine at 6:15pm.  If you would like, you can send us your intentions by email or by post mail. They will then be placed inside the room of the holy Martin Spouses, the birth room of Saint Therese.

We assure you of our prayers for your intentions and we wish you a holy Month of the Blessed Virgin Mary! May the Lord bless you through the intercession of Saints Louis and Zelie!

Very cordially,
On behalf of the Shrine,

Father Jean-Marie Simar,
Rector of the Shrine of Alençon