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The Shrine of Alençon welcomes you every day of the jubilee year. Come discover, alone or in a group, the different places where the Martin Family lived by participating in an event, by gathering in the chapel, or by following the footsteps of the holy Martin spouses throughout the city.

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The Shrine exists thanks to the offerings of the pilgrims and to the generosity of its sponsors. It also operates thanks to the many volunteers who donate their time. There are many means available for you to help the shrine:
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  • You can pray for the intentions of the Shrine and for all the pilgrims who come to gather there.


Jubile of Saints Louis and Zelie : we talk about it !

Saints Louis and Zélie


Saints Louis and Zelie lived holiness in the ordinary life of a married couple and a family. Their exemple show us how to go deeper in our prayer life.


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The family of Louis and Zelie - Letter #28

August 13, 2019

One Cannot Have a Moment of Rest Here

“I think I’m going to have to abandon my letter until this evening, when they’ve all gone to bed, since one can’t have a moment’s rest here.” Zélie to her daughter, Pauline, April 29, 1877, CF 198

Like Zélie, everyone experiences, at one time or another, the absence of "a moment's rest" when one really needs it. Zélie, mother of a family, an active woman who watches over her household, a business owner with a job that never ends, seems to us very contemporary when her life becomes rushed and harried. It is notable that Zélie does not get off course despite her overworked schedule. In fact, she will continue, a little later, her letter to Pauline - a letter of considerable length. This communicates to us: make sure that your workload does not lead to you neglecting your responsibilities, in this case the writing of the letter. Zélie concludes: "Pauline, I anxiously await hearing from you. ... It seems like it’s been a hundred years since I’ve seen you."

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